Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Collaboration with Love & A Bad Hair Day (I)

A new month, 1 week, another set of pictures, same collaboration! :-)
If you've seen my previous post, I have this ongoing collaboration with Efril of Love & A Bad Hair Day that happens once a month for a whole week :-) We have themes and for this month, its color combination! Thank you Belle for suggesting it to Efril! :-) Here are the first two days! 

Pink and Grey

[Romper: Hong Kong, Shoes: Kids of Bayo, Cardigan: Terranova, accessory: Indonesia, Bag: Roxy]

I love this because it exudes the girly and classy feel that grey and pink gives. I love how we both styled it in a way where we wore the same grey cardigans! haha Great minds think alike! Right Efril?? :D Haha 

Denim and Brown

Today was supposedly green and blue but we turned out to be wearing the same colors by accident! haha I had such a hard time to put together a green and blue outfit because alot of my blue coverups or blazers are still in the laundry! :-( haha 

[Top: cut out from an old jacket, skirt: Hong Kong, Belt: Folded and Hung, Shoes: Fancy Flats]
*I hate how my skirt makes me waist look really big! :( 

Again we're matching with the belts!! So cute! haha 

Anyway, thats what we had in store for you guys for the first two days! The next two days will be uploaded on Thursday (hopefully)! :-) What do you think of our collaboration?? What do you think should be our next theme for January's collaboration? :-D We cant wait to hear your thoughts! :-) 

xx, Vern (& Efril!)

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