Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sick Baby

had a busy morning and afternoon today! Woke up at around 9 to go to Taft for a practice then had to rush to Fort for a shoot for an online shop! I wont say what yet they're still launching next week!! The photographer was Heidi Sarol and I modeled with Mica. We kinda looked alike it was scary sometimes! haha the clothes were gorgeous! I even scored some :-) Thank you so much guys!! :-) Till the next collection? :> hahaha! This is what I wore today: 

[Blazer: Archive Clothing
Shorts: Thrifted
Necklace: Nuvo Bazaar
Shoes:Rockwell bazaar 
tank top: Topshop]

OHH! and I got the best gifts today!! :-) I can FINALLY cross out a giant stuffed giraffe on my wish list thanks to my kris kringle daddy! :-) SO ADORABLE! I have yet to name him!! haha and then as a "token of appreciation" Shayne gave me this necklace and it looked exactly like the one I was gonna buy from Rukus Accessories! haha Great steal you! and thank you :-) Also I got two more clothes from  her shop, thank you thank you for them both :-) I modeled those clothes together and instantly fell inlove with them!! :-) haha The top is gorgeous and is so is the skirt! :-) This is the giraffe! Look how cute it is! hahahha 

 I'm not feeling so well right now so please pray for me! :-( I have so much in store for me next week!!! :-( 

xx, Vern

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