Friday, February 4, 2011

When Was The Last Time You Fell BERRY Inlove?

Yesterday, Red Mango invited my blogger friends and I to the 2nd Anniversary of Red Mango Philippines in their Megamall branch. It was only then did I know that they actually had something in store for us! It was more than the usual program they prepared for the media. Well they did have a program but they also made us the taste their newest addition to their awesome line up of Froyos.

Tell me, will you ever get to resist something HEALTHY and YUMMY at the same time?? Red Mango knows you can't so they bring you the newest flavor of yogurt... BLUEBERRY! Personally, I was never really a fan of blueberry.. never ordered the flavor in cheesecakes or other pastries but lo and behold, Red Mango comes up with something so yummy that I actually LOVED it! :-) I know you hate long wordy posts so let me just tempt you with pictures of the froyos and the event! 


The froyos come in two kinds: the plain one and the swirl (mix of blueberry and plain froyo)


best served with these toppings!




Events wouldnt be fun to go to without these girls!


Danah and Stacey of Plump Pinay (It was nice meeting you both!!!) 



and I think one of the best parts of being a blogger (aside from fufilling comments, perks and freebies??) meeting new people.. no matter how random they may be! :) 


Ebong Joson and the inFAMOUS Sam Yg and Slick Rick! :-) 

This post just made me hungry... maybe some froyo since I'm cutting down?? :-) haha 
to see what I wore that day go to my post: Something New!
Its Friday once again and I hope all of you have a good one!! I know I will! :-) 

xx, Vern 

P.S. The new flavor will be available in stores starting MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2011! Will use my GCs on Monday for sure!!!

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