Sunday, February 20, 2011

Please Don't Have Somebody Waiting On You

My day was pretty jam packed but I loved every minute of it! Had to wear something sheer again for this shoot in Powerplant earlier and if you're follow Efril's blog, you'll notice we were on the same shoot! haha I'll just keep this a secret like what she's doing ;-) haha I know you've seen all these pieces before but I just wanted to mix and match! Ever since I held SHOP A Shoe Tale and prepared clothes for the Bloggers' Closet II, I ran out of clothes to wear.. that's why I feel like I've been repeating alot of my clothes :| Thank God my birthday's near so it means new clothes for me! yay! haha 




[Top: 11th of October, Harems & Turban: SM, Shoes: Charles and Keith, Necklaces: The Ramp, Bag: Topshop, Ring: F21]


bought new shades today! Sorry this was a twitpic so vain mode going on! hahaha and its my first time ever to wear a turban! I actually had a hard time getting used to it for the first few minutes but I got the hang of it :-D haha 

Anyway, I still have that Taylor Swift hang over hence the title! I used to HATE this song but now I'm SO INTO it! It's been on repeat since I got home!!! I accidentally clicked publish earlier thats why you'll be seeing my post bout this but will post it probably tomorrow when I get up! Will watch my lover boy, Ian Somerhalder first before I go to sleep ;-) hahaha Hope you had the best Saturday!! :-) 

xx, Vern 

P.S. Don't forget about the blogger's closet happening tomorrow!! :-) 


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