Tuesday, February 8, 2011

School Girl

I was so nostalgic about school today so I wanted to dress in a way I would've if I wasn't on leave. I miss Taft life :-( haha Anyway, I tried on a different setting and a different background.. well its just a red wall but the contrast of it to the sun turned out well! :-)





[Shorts: Zara, Polo: Calvin Klein, Cardigan: Terrenova, Bag: Topshop]
I wanted to use my new grey bag for the first time as well so I worked from there. I love laidback outfits like this! haha plus I was so lazy to dress up today since I just went to fetch my siblings from school and go to Makati to accompany my brother buy new soccer shoesies! :-) 

Hope you had a great Tuesday!
xx, Vern

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