Saturday, February 26, 2011


first of all, I just want to say sorry for the recent sad posts. I removed one cause I didn't wanna infect people who read my blog. Its better to be happy! haha Anyway, today was a bit better for me and hopefully tomorrow will be more than a bit better. haha So I spent the whole day with my mom doing the most random things! Went to my tita's house in Hillsborough first then went to a showroom, Venice Piazza then Market Market!

the frog on my cousin's head was such a hit to my baby cousins! haha and no, its not real. 


pretty arrangement!

[Blazer: SM, Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Fancy Flats, Necklace: SM]

Wanted to be a bit dressy but still comfortable so I went with flats instead of the usual heels. 

so pretty! Oh and there's this bazaar there that sells the cutest clothes!! I think they're ukay and the owner just doesn't wanna tell me :-P 

Highlight of my day: Trying on my sister's prom dress! Its close to my dream wedding gown! I just want  it be a plain bottom and a longer train! haha I felt so pretty in it! HAHA! 


hope your days are better than mine! 
xx, Vern

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