Monday, February 7, 2011

Sale Season

This is what I wore today as I spent the whole day shopping and running errands with my mother. So tired.. walked for about 10 hours in these heels :( Not comfy after the 8th hour!! :-( 

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

[Polo: Zara, Shoes: Hong Kong, Necklaces: The Ramp and Gift, Ribbon: my sisters]

Tired as hell but it's worth it since I got to buy alot of things I've been eyeing on!!! ESPECIALLY MY VERY FIRST GREY BAG!! I'm so inlove with it! Thank God its sale season or else I wouldnt get to buy this much! Here are some and I cant wait to show it to you guys!! :-) - Well me wearing them! haha oh and finally got to buy a neutral shade of wide legged pants!! ;-) So excited to wear them! :-) 

Picture 10Picture 6

Picture 7

And thank you to Trinkets Royale for these lovely hats!! Aren't they pretty????? :-) 

Picture 9 Picture 8

So tired right now and might pass out any minute.. Have a great night!

xx, Vern

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