Friday, February 18, 2011

12 Wishes for 18 Years

Its my 18th birthday soon and my mom wanted me to make a wishlist since I wanted half of my gifts to be a surprise haha! Even if I kinda picked them, atleast I won't know what I'll be getting right?? :-P I just posted it here since I wanted to share it to you guys as well! Any of you wanna get me any of these?? :-P haha! 

Picture 1
1. Rayban Wayfarers! I want one in all black :-) Its such a classic and I have no idea why I still don't own a pair. 
2. The make up trolly case from Suesh! Its TOO cute!! 
3. A yellow balenciaga or a green one... or a purple one... or a pink one.. hihi 
4. These 5 by 5 shoesies. I ordered one but they still don't have it in my size :-( Please make one in my size Five by Five??? :-( 
5. Any of these Jeffrey Campbell!! I sold my clothes to get these babies but I spent them on something else :-( Boo! 

Picture 2
6. Far East Movement tickets!! 
7. Maroon 5 ticketsssssss! VIP please?? So I can see Adam's body upclose? hahaha! 
8. Ahhh.. my dream closet. 

Picture 4
9. A black Camry. 
10. Hi dad, hi mom please allow me to drive already. haha
11. To see the Versailles in person. A DREAM OF MINE! 
12. Ian Somerhalder. Need I say more???  

I'm sure these are not all I want but these are the things on the top of my head. But these are the top 12 I guess! I get one of these and I will be so happy already!! :-) haha Anyway, hope you're having a great Friday! 

xx, Vern

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