Monday, April 4, 2011


Haayy.. I blog almost everyday that it seems like I don't have a life.. :/ hahaha its alright though, it seems like you readers like it when I do! :D :D I've getting been formpsring questions/comments, emails and tweets about it and how much you love my blog and you have no idea how much it means to me. I wouldn't get what I have now if not for all of you and because of this, from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you :) And to show how much I'm thankful, look at my belated birthday giveaway post! :D haha 

So anyway, went out with my family today to watch Source Code. It was such a great movie and I definitely recommend it :) It's a new idea and a very good one! Watched it in Rockwell earlier and this is what I wore: 


Wanted to go for something dainty so I opted for a lace top, khaki shorts and a pearl necklace :) 
[Top: Supersale Bazaar, Shorts: Zara, Pearl necklace: Apostrophe, Shoes: PRP]

OHH!! and if you haven't noticed, I have the BIGGEST love for Giraffes!!!!! I buy anything that has a giraffe on it and it's still one of my dreams to see one in person. For now, I'm gonna settle for giraffe cookies :D haha I was so giddy when I found them earlier in the food bazaar in Rockwell :D I just had to get 3 right away!


Hope you had a great weekend!
xx, Vern 

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