Saturday, January 28, 2012

President For Happiness #coke100taon

Imagine a president who's only task is to spread happiness to all Filipinos. Why not right? Well, Coke Philippines is appointing one! This coming Sunday, Coke will be revealing who the appointed President for Happiness of Coca-Cola is! If you ask me who, I don't know either (I'm hoping it's John Llyod Cruz just cause he makes me happy. LOL) but kidding aside, I do have expectations to who this president will be. 

I want someone who will spread happiness BUT spread happiness in a very realistic way. I want him or her to stress that life is not being happy 24/7 but that even if we encounter hardships and bumps along the way, we should always see the positive side of it. What are you expectations?

Please stay tuned to your favorite local channels and watch the big reveal!
Are you as excited as I am to find out who this person is?
xx, Vern

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