Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Favorites

With the year coming to a close in exactly 23 hours, I went through all my 400 plus posts and picked my top 46 outfits of the year! :) It was nice to reminise with what has happened the past year through my blog posts. Some posts made me sad but most of them definitely made me smile :) 2011 was so nice to me!! I met new found friends, lost old ones, finally learned the value of family, had a veeerrry colorful lovelife, sticks, stones and cement thrown at me by different people and finally, received all the blessings I'm really thankful for :)
Anyway, back to the main purpose of this post! Here they are! This post made me realize that alot can really change in a year :) 
Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 10Picture 12Picture 13Picture 5
Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4
Picture 15Picture 1Picture 2Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 3Picture 5Picture 4
Picture 10
I've been experimenting lately but looking through these pictures... I should really stick to my girly and classic pieces, don't you think so??? :) More of that on 2012!! :) ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
xx, Vern

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