Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roxy Girl

I spent my Saturday at Nuvali with a few bloggers (went there with Lissa and Kryz) for the Roxy event! It was my very first out of town trip and I had such a blast! It was very appropriate for Roxy to hold their event in Nuvali since it's a very chill and carefree place :) And the brand is made especially for girls like that :) 
I had a Roxy phase back in grade school and thinking about it now, all my bikinis except my black bandaeu and my high waisted bottoms are all from Roxy! Its quite obvious that I'm a Roxy girl at heart so I was thrilled when I saw the invite for this event :) Anyway, here are pictures and I'll just tell you more about it as you scroll down! 
Picture 2Picture 5
Kryz and I were starving so first stop: Sumo Sam! Ate lunch along with Lissa and Ian as well :) 
Picture 3Picture 4Picture 7
Roxy is known for its swimwear, boardshorts and surfing goods so I love how the team tried bringing the beach to us through these little details :) 
Picture 8Picture 10Picture 6Picture 12
We were all divided into three groups for the styling challenge (through draw lots) and I got "wild at heart" along with Phoebe, Nikki and Mommy Earth :) We were to take 10 polaroid shots wearing Roxy items that best expresses our team name and choose just 1 to submit! :) 
Picture 13
here are our pegs! 
Picture 14
test shot test shot! 
Picture 15
final shots! :) I love polaroids <3 
Picture 16
Mommy Earth, Nikki, Phoebe and I! :) 
Picture 17Picture 18
my outfit for the styling challenge :) 
Picture 19
Though Team Wild At Heart didn't win (Kryz's team did!), we all had a blast taking those photos :) 
Picture 20
Picture 22
Roxy gave us GCs for a little shopping spree and in the middle of me looking around, these three girls suddenly comes up to me and tells me that they went all the way to Nuvali because they saw my tweet!! AHHH very heartwarming!!!! :) I was so glad to finally met Isa (the one in checkered) because she emailed me one time asking for a birthday video for her bestfriend Hannah (which I found very sweet) and ofcourse I just had to say yes :) I can't wait to meet Hannah during bloggers united as well! :) Anyway, if you three girls are reading this, I'm so happy that I met you three :) I really hope to see you again soon!! :) 
Picture 23
before leaving, I got a mani-pedi courtesy of Nailaholics, Wet and Wild and Orly! :) Thank you wonderful brands! 
This is one of those events I will never forget because the brand will always be special to me :) November has been so good to me and I can't be anymore thankful! :) I can't believe its ending today!! More posts to come :) 
xx, Vern

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