Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blur and Slur

Finally figured out the problem of my blog loading too long! I already resized this batch of pictures so starting from this set, no more tagal posts :) I'm sorry for the people who were hassled today because of it :) Won't happen anymore! :) Though, I have to say sorry for the very blurry photo.. I had to make use of the little lighting the room had because of the very gloomy weather. Thank you to Jelito De Leon for doing such a great job in editing :) 

Anyway, been really inlove with the red and nude combination lately so here's another post about it! Will start on thesis soon so hopefully I'll still get to blog regularly :) Will try scheduled posts for a change!
[Coat: Borrowed from Verniece, Dress: Hongkong, Necklace: Bubbles]

The weather was just perfect today :) Another storm is approaching the Philippines so pray that it won't be as harsh as Pedring! Hope youre all doing okay :) 
xx, Vern 

P.S. Please check the very important announcement below: 

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